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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

House Book

A swap I had signed up for involved a house shaped book. The theme is a Garden Journey...
I just love flowers and a million idea's went through my mind. I took a walk in the woods and pondered all these "ideas" suddenly I cam upon a Daffodil , they are all over the place up here. I started to laugh. I remember my kids calling them Daffy Dills (and still do today) suddenly I saw this flower acting very daffy and making silly faces. Of course you know something like that could only happen in an enchanted forest.
That started me thinking about other flowers that may grow in an enchanted world..Chick weed might be a little chick on a stem, Golden rod may be an actual ROD made of gold...oh you bet the wheels started turning...So these are the pages of my book. I have close ups, but for now these will have to do...Hopefully you will see them and take a guess.
Oops!! It appears I can't find them LOL I'm not kidding I just went looking in my pictures and they are gone..So I guess I won't be posting them today...Sorry, but it will give you a reason to return.

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