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Monday, March 10, 2014

Did you guess right?

I'm talking about  the theme  of the ATC's posted yesterday. Sheesh Pay attention!!!
The theme was CIRCLES so if you guessed right, give yourself a lolly because I have no prizes.

It's been a busy time. Lots going on both on and off line, so let me show you what I have been doing.

Alphastamps.com is having a Birdhouse Ornament swap. They have requirements and  you must use certain things purchased from them. When I realized I had all with the exception of the chip board houses, I decided to participate. The theme is "Odd Birds". A Red Raven is odd in itself but mine has metal wings and wears a hat with a peacock feather in it. I think he just stole that pocket watch. He seems to have a thing for gears.
So on the back I wrote "What odd bird feathers his nest with gears?"
Now we all know a goose doesn't live in a bird house, nor does she wear a bonnet, so that makes her a bit weird. What I wrote on the back of that one is "What odd bird would share her house with Bee's" They were fun to do, but I found myself holding back on embellishments. It's bad enough to have to enclose money to get two back from another artist. I really didn't want to spend $10 in duel postage.Lets face it, postage these days are really causing a slow down in swaps. In this case you don't even know who your swapping with so it's kind of a crap shoot. But they were fun to do.
I wasn't crazy about this months charm palette. It was supposed to be Spring colors-Orange-yellow-green and white. I probably shouldn't have joined this swap because no matter how I laid the colors out, I really wasn't excited. I finally settled on natural stones that were the colors needed and then I added a little star fairy to give it some personality.
This was probably one of the most fun projects I have done in a long time. Happy to say it came from my own group MixedMediaStudio@yahoo.com . This was a paper challenge that Robyn our Paper Studio coordinator came up with. Book Art, not to be confused with an altered book.
So this hand kind of grew out of the book and decided to turn the page and get on with it's life.
A  bit symbolic for me.
Not sure what I might call the piece but I do like looking at it. I have another in mind. So stick around, because I see something real cool in my head. If I can get it out of my head and into the book looking like it does in my head I will have accomplished something. Thanks for stopping by.

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