A Very Merry Christmas to All

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Time keeps moving on

And so do I...It's been somewhat of an emotional time. Facing a studio that really needs some organization on top of other things going on.
I am always thankful for my groups. They keep me busy and because of all the swaps I always get Happy Mail!! Every once in a while  a R.A.K. will show up and that's always special to me. For those who don't know, that stands for Random Act of Kindness. That's where someone, for no real reason, just send you a card or little giftie in the mail. makes you feel real special. I haven't been very good with R.A.K.'s lately, but that will soon change. The fog is starting to clear and life is good.
So what have I been up too?
Well I had a 4X4 to do for my AFTCM group. The theme was Elephant in Tow
I thought this picture was adorable and certainly fit the theme. Then I decided to have a little play on words for the back one.
That's an elephant in TOE LOL couldn't help myself.
Moving on, we had a challenge in my Mixmediastudio@yahoo.com  we had to make a goodie basket.
It was a simple little thing. Guess it would have been nicer looking if I filled it with candy LOL Great favor idea and I would certainly make more of them.
In my charm group we had two swaps of the same kind. One was a birdhouse charm, the other a matching pendant. I didn't trust the real acorn so I made one from clay but I did use the real cap. Kind of cute I think.
Kind of cute I think, with the little silver bird added. The pendant was the same idea, just bigger and with a little bird peeking out.
I know it looks smaller, but trust me it's way bigger. You can tell by the little silver bird.A little painting dressed it up a bit.
Last, for now, is some ATC's I did for a swap going to the Netherlands. Can you guess the theme?
Sometimes I feel like these swaps are the only thing standing between me and a nervous breakdown LOL and then there are those who think they will push me into a breakdown. LOL I just think it is a wonderful way to enjoy the company of other women. Kindred spirits if you will...
So back to work I go. Working on a very interesting sculptured book, an altered clock and some other goodies. So stay tuned.

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