A Very Merry Christmas to All

Monday, February 24, 2014

So it's only a few days later

I'm getting better at time management. I think LOL
Old man winter just keeps piling it on. But it is scenes like this (That would be Nellie and her twins Jesse and Jordan) that make me love all the seasons. We have a large herd of deer and yes we do feed them in winter. They get corn, sweet potato's and pumpkin. Processed feed can be dangerous to their health. Our herd grows each year and just like a Mom can tell her children apart, I know each one of my deer and those who just stop in for a free meal now and again. Both Bucks have shed their horns so they are safe for another year.
So what have I been doing? I have an on going challenge on the group Cherie and I own
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mixedmediastudio         check it out if you don't already belong.
Each month I DARE YOU to use something I name...first month was a metal can. You have to make something from the thing I dare you to use. This month was a fork. You could use one or as many as you wanted, but you had to make something using a fork. This is what I made from 2 forks.
Of course as an after thought I should have made it Steampunk so I will probably take it apart.
In the ATC group I belong to (ATC-FUN) we had to make cracked glass ATC's and this is what I did, but I'm thinking I need to embellish before sending. They were fun but look a bit blah.
Not sure you can see the cracks in the glass (layers of UT) but they are there. Those stamps were part of a gift I got from my friend Ceil for my BD.
Robyn has a paper studio as part of our Mixed Media studio and has her own challenges. One due today was a Love letter box with cards. The box was fun to do and I began embellishing in Steam punk fashion but ran out of time. It is due tomorrow, so I posted a pic but will continue to work on it.
I was in such a hurry I just threw a paper towel over all the junk on my work table. This is one of those projects that look much better in person LOL The gears are silver and patina copper..I will be adding a clock and some other do dads.
Also in the works are Birdhouse charms and match pendants and for the same charm group a color palette that changes each month. This month is Spring colors of Yellow, orange and green..so stay tuned.

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  1. Love the photo of your deer, perfect Christmas card! Hope the snow comes to an end for you soon, it's been quite the winter. Your fork spider is amazing and love your cracked glass ATC's, I just bought some UTEE but have no idea how to use it yet LOL. Can't wait to see your love letter box finish, didn't notice the patina on the gears until you mentioned it, nice touch! Happy creating, Deb