A Very Merry Christmas to All

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

So as I was saying....

Not quite sure what AOHell doesn't like about Blogspot, but I should realize there is always a problem. Sometimes Yahoo doesn't work there either.
Anyway, before I show you what I have been up to, let me show you what Rainer has been up to.I got a BD surprise from NZ. Sweets that I could only get there, a really cool Kiwi towel (ILka knows I love that little bird)
I just love the colors.
Now some of you know I love working with light bulbs. I think they are wonderful pieces of art. So you know I truly appreciated this  Gift and the amount of patience and time that went into it.
The word "BELIEVE" is hanging inside the bulb. I Love it!!! It is a beautiful work of  heART.
As for me. Well you know I am always busy doing something....
My newest banner (I have to make one a month) this is a year long project...all Vintage Winter.
Trading cards with a twist. They are shaped like kites. Cute idea huh?
The theme was Purple, Green and Gold. What you can't see is the pin striping which I think really makes the cards pop <sigh> so much for pictures worth a thousand words.
The theme was birds. bet you couldn't figure that one out huh?
Oh and remember the Valentine swap. I made that Punky heart? Deb (I forget her Blog addy but I will list it because she does beautiful Prim stuff) had me for a partner and this is what she made for me.
The heart pin was for the swap and it is so pretty. They other pin was a surprise, made from felt and so exact...like I said ,Deb does some beautiful work.

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  1. Busy, busy as always, wonderful projects Kathie! LOVE that light bulb, how in the heck do you get words inside? And your Kiwi towel is adorable, they are wonderful little birds, aren't they? So glad you like the pins my friend and hope AOHell and Blogger start playing nice for you! Deb