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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Happy HUmp Day

I always hated that expression until I saw the commercial with the camel...Now that's the only dopey voice I hear in my head when I see Happy Hump Day. Okay moving on...
WE got slammed with snow last night and it will be days before we did out. It is always bad up on this mountain. meanwhile I talk to friends who live down town and it's 10 degrees warmer and about 6" of snow LOL We already have a few feet up here and it's still snowing like crazy.
I've been busy creating as usual but now I forget what I showed you and what I didn't LOL
This is a card I made. The swap was create  a card in the shape of a teacup or mug. I created a teabag envy to slip into the cup to make , what I believe to be, the perfect not card. You can't see the sparkle on the flowers or the shiny gold rim, but it's a pretty card.
I had to come up with a robot Valentine, so this is what I made for that.
yes she is a female robot. What gave you the first  clue? hey you have to have a sense of humor when you're around me. On a more serious note I also needed a Robot as a BD gift for a very special friend.

Did he make you smile? I've got lots of charms in the works, plus some challenges. Not to mention several BD gifts that, as always, are much too late.There just aren't enough hours in the day for me.
Feeling a bit blah today so who knows how much will get done? Nothing if I stay here and babble. Thanks for stopping by.....

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