A Very Merry Christmas to All

Monday, July 9, 2012

Forever is just too long

I feel like I have been gone forever. While busy preparing our other house to be rented I did manage to get some stuff done. It amazes me how much I can fit into a day when I don't have to stop for silly things like cooking, cleaning and shopping. When I am away by myself I just stay with it. I worked on the house, either packing stuff up, throwing crap away or deal with Real Estate people Ugh!! I did that for 8 hours and that was enough. then I showered and got busy with doing stuff I love.
I wanted to try and make doll faces like Susie Mc Mahon (if you don't know her you should check her out)
I have her pattern and her instructions. I have never worked with paint, always preferred water color pencils and chalk on cloth faces. These faces are made from paper clay. So here are the very first painted faces:
Don't laugh<g> I got some very positive feedback and some very good advice on what to do next time. But for the most part I was Happy with them. I joined an ATC swap. The theme was Silhouettes...I had forgotten how much fun ATC;s could be. I really have to spend more time with the ATC group.
I used one of my Unicorn cameos for one and I water colored another...

Then I had some more charms in mind. I LOVE making charms. I just saw a tutorial on UTEE charms that I can't wait to try. I collect  Matryoska   dolls, they have fascinated me since I was a little girl. I have one that has 15 nesters and the smallest one is 1/4 inch. That was too small for a charm so I made them a bit bigger and hung a glass crystal bead. The pic isn't all that great...I need a better camera :-(
Now they were my idea of fun.I don't think I did bad for one eye. I also gave out a Surprise Challenge to my group (Corinne and I share a small group of mixed artist- feel free to join us    http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SharingOurMixedMediaArt/)      I sent each person who signed up , two Formica sample tags and told them to make something...This is what I made from mine.

I used Swellagents To make the tag and frame look like aged copper on one,  aged brass on the other...Then I did puzzle pieces in rusted iron..along with some of the do dads. Watch gears were left as they were for some sparkle. Chain is for hanging. I call them Friendship Frames.
While I do have more to share, I really have to get busy. I came home so the kids could visit here and celebrate  their Dads BD. They left today. Shot in the eye tomorrow. Old friends for company on Wed. until whenever and then back to long Island I go to set up contractors. It just never stops.
Wishing you all a very happy day...Hope I still have people who check on me once in a while. I know I've been away from here for a while....


  1. You always get a lot done in a short time:) I was thinking of getting one of Susie's kits for making one of her dolls too. I love her work very much.

  2. Hi Kathie,
    Those faces are so cute. Did you use a mold? The painting on them turned out really nice. Love your ATC's and how you transformed the Formica sample tags. I just added a New Doll to my blog, please stop by and check her out. :) Please leave a comment too.