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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Look what I found

I was walking through the enchanted forest and suddenly I saw this purple thing flying through the tree's...
Okay so maybe I was sitting in my studio and maybe the thing wasn't flying...but it is purple...almost...half..
Anyway, one of the swaps I am in  is called Damselfly...she looks pretty much like a dragon fly, but not exactly. Originally I had picked a real sparkly fabric for her tail and body, and a neutral shade for her face...However, when I began looking through fabric, the doll spirit (Oh stop laughing..they do kind of dictate what they want) so this doll spirit points to this teal fabric with purple dots and tells me that's the tail, then she shifts to purple for her body...and get this...a very light shade of purple for her face. I was a bit resistant..but since I have lots of time to play with her I figured I'd placate the spirit and end up making two.
She does like bling and as I was finishing her tail she told me exactly how to make it sparkle, same with her body and face...she is a pretty good designer. The first wings I made were much too heavy looking...She told me even if she can't fly, she'd never even try with those funky wings (her words not mine) So we went to check out my massive ribbon cache and she found just the right gossamer looking purple. I must say, her wings worked better then mine , certainly a lot lighter. She spoke about "flying" and 'blowing this Clambake" so this is a picture of how she will remain until  I can trust her....

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