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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Matter of Trust...

It has been a few days...I have spent them waiting to establish some trust with Syrina (OH yes, she told me her name) Finally I  felt that if I put her together she would stay and not fly away. I've told her that soon she will leave and go to live with someone else. Was that a little tear I saw in her eye? I told her about the fairy children. They always leave and I always miss them, but I know they will bring joy into the hearts of the people they live with. I Told Syrina she also will bring joy to my swap partner, but I will truly miss her.
How can anyone make a doll and not feel some attachment? Is it just me?
I promised Syrina that I would take a picture of her flying, but it hasn't stopped raining long enough and she already told me she's not fond of flying in the rain.
So she is laying on a foot stool...waiting. I promised to make her a pretty belt...so she is waiting.

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  1. What total enchantment...I love your blog! Vicky sent me your way and I am so glad!