A Very Merry Christmas to All

Monday, May 9, 2011

Easter Swap

Oh I know Easter has long passed, but I'm slow, what can I say. I joined an egg swap for several reasons.
(1) because I've collected eggs. I've always liked the shape of an egg and the fact that it is a container. many years ago (seems like 100) I made egg Christmas ornaments. Each year was different. One year I drew the persons house on the egg. Another year I did Disney characters...all in all there were about 15 years in the collection and it always makes me smile when one of my friends tells me about still decorating their tree with my eggs.
(2) The swap seemed like fun. I love being able to do my own thing.
So I played with different idea's and decided to go for whimsy...something fun and cute and Springy .
You can see how they developed. Wacky Wabbits were the ones I sent to Cindy .She in turn sent me 4 eggs from different artist..I will have to take a picture of them as well...I totally enjoyed that swap.

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