A Very Merry Christmas to All

Sunday, August 26, 2012

I need some cheese for my Whine

Did that get your attention? Not really whining. Actually I got some good news from the eye surgeon.
I went for my shot and right before he poked me, he said my picture looked good. The tumor showed some shrinkage...when I got excited he cautioned me and said it was only minor shrinkage but it shows the shots are working. After the poke, I kiddingly said, so I don't have to come back?He smiled his beautiful smile (I love my doctor) and said of course I had to come back, but in 8 weeks instead of a month. Woohoo that was great news. At that time we will take another picture and if everything is the same of better, I can stay at 8 weeks for a while. I'm not complaining, things could be so much worse, but I have to tell you getting a needle stuck in my eye just isn't fun.We've all gotten poked in the eye by a branch or something...you know how that pressure hurts and then the eye hurts for a while later? So that's pretty much it.

Meanwhile another challenge got completed. I'm trying very hard to finish up things. I have some challenges, some swaps and some special things for special people I'm trying to complete. Add to that a lot of company (more due Thursday), My brother moving  (his chance for transplant my be better in Florida), a house being prepared for rental...shall I continue? It's no excuse. I am happy to be busy and to be able to stay busy in spite of some health issues. It does get frustrating at times, but I can always find someone worse off. the sad part of that is, I don't have to look real far or real hard.

So here's Sparkle...
You may remember when I started this project. I didn't get very far
I got involved in other things. When I was challenged to make a candlestick doll I remembered the Frowning Francis Unicorn I wanted to do/finish and that it started with a candlestick. It was a good inspiration for sure. I decided I wanted to change the look and go with fantasy so I used a lot of blue and purple instead of black. I also liked the gold horn I came up with. When the project was done I added to the sparkle with spray glitter.
AS time passes, I really hope to not only be here each day, but to be here with tutorials and projects to share. For now I'm just real happy that people continue to visit and send me delightful e-mails.
I also get a few comments here now and then, which I love to read. people seem to be happier sending e-mail...not sure why...but either way, thanks for staying with me.


  1. I'm glad to hear your good news. I'm so pleased for you:)

    Your unicorn is gorgeous. How did you do that horn?

    1. Thanks Mary Ann, It all stars as a plain muslin head. I gessoed it then painted the head white and the horn gold, then twisted gold cording they way I thought a real unicorn would look :-)..I used water color pencils and chalk for coloring, some purple glitter over eyes. When it was all done I sprayed it with glitter mist. In person it really sparkles.
      Hugs, Kathie