A Very Merry Christmas to All

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Amazing Friends

I have been truly blessed by amazing, wonderful friends. Every once in a while I will receive a surprise in the mail. Now you all know how I love Happy Mail, so when I get return swaps I'm always happy.but then there are times, out of the blue, when a friend will let me know they were thinking of me. It always touches my heart when I know that people have gone that extra mile to do something extraordinary just for me.
To have that happen twice in one week was humbling and totally exhilarating...
First...My friend Cherie makes these fabulous Koma's..we were talking and I asked if she had ever made a tiny one. Cherie doesn't do "small". I knew it was a challenge...but I also know she loves to be challenged. She mentioned it and then never spoke of it again so I figured it was more then she wanted to deal with. Plus she is a very busy person. Low and behold I open up a package and I find this:
This tiny koma is only 1 inch, something I know Cherie tries to avoid at all cost. For her to take the time and make this, in my favorite color yet LOL means more then anyone can know..Thanks again Cherie for a beautiful surprise.
Then the very next day I received a package from my friend Rainer in NZ. Rainer is a talented artist that is married to a very talented artist..I love them both. Rainer was in a charm swap and had to send his charms half way around the world to participate (I am grateful for his willingness to do that). The package contained his charms, along with a ten cent piece (which will become a charm for me) then I found the most adorable "cards" that Ilka (his honey) made. Inside a bag , she also made was this....

AS Rainer explained, it all started with that tiny journal that Ilka made. It is made of leather and has beautiful pages of handmade torn paper.Rainer made the copper "Enjoy" on the cover..he also wrapped the shell, made the charms, there is black sand from a NZ beach and note the fuse with FRIEND inside. The center of the necklace where the charms are hung, started as a metal belt of some kind that they found while shopping for things to use in their art. When I look at this beauty, I see a whole lot of time they were thinking about me. That  makes me feel very, very special. So thanks again Rainer and Ilka for touching my heart in a very special way.
I realize, in looking around my studio , how very, very blessed I am. I have many things from Cherie, Norma, Rainer, Corinne, Mary,Kai and Sherry to name a few...that's above and beyond swaps..Most of my swaps are displayed so I get to see them every day..So if at any time you were my partner, I want you to know, what you made me was not thrown in a drawer or a box somewhere, but proudly displayed for all to view. Also know that every minute you spent making something for me and thinking of me was greatly appreciated.....It's nice to be thought of in such a loving way.


  1. Hi Kathie,
    Love that little Koma from Cherie and the necklace from Rainer and his wife. Lovely gifts. I also love that little Stampunk Kitty that you made for the Challenge.
    I just uploaded some New Art to my blog if you can stop by and leave a comment. :)
    Hugs and have a fab weekend.

  2. I have tried posting to the group twice today and haven't been able to do so.

    Just wanted you to know that I'm so excited that my little book is on the home page.

    I'll keep trying to post but just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all you do for the group.