A Very Merry Christmas to All

Thursday, August 9, 2012

And so it continues

Life continues to throw drama my way. More with friends then with myself. I try and be there for my friends, but I have to tell you (and I know you are reading this) you really have to get together and take turns. Have some mercy and stop having drama all at one time. LOL
All kidding aside it's no big deal. I'm always happy to be there with a strong shoulder and listen ear...trust me, my work will be there waiting.
I have made some headway in my studio and that's always wonderful news. It's been sort of like Christmas, finding things I haven't seen in a while. It's a process, especially when i want everything in it's place as I go. Saves double work later...so it all takes time, but it is coming along (like you care , right?)
I've had very little computer time and what I have had I have been trying to catch up with groups. The few that I still belong to are very busy.
I just finished a challenge. We were given a pattern with no picture and no instructions...It was a lot of fun putting it all together and letting my imagination go. This is what I came up with. His name is Clarence:

His face is actually gray and much cuter in person. I love Steam Punk and try and use it when I can. This little guy just seemed to be a Steam Punk Kitty.
In my own group we had an ATC exchange. It was a color theme and guess what color I picked...

They were sent to Corinne and I hope she likes them.
Another challenge was for a Gourd, the theme was "Summer remembered" or something like that LOL
I remember it was the time my fairies returned. Some people called them bugs...Lightening bugs...but I KNEW they were fairies  who carried little lanterns to light their way into the woods. They would keep me company in a jar at night and I'd let them go come morning...I spent time with my Grandma and we would visit Aunt Theresa who lived in what I saw as an enchanted cottage in the woods. It was a wonderful place, herbs hanging to dry, canned foods in jars...So that's what my Gourd is...Aunt Theresa's cottage surrounded by my "Fairies".

Oh and lets not forget the Hummingbirds that returned to Grandma's many feeders each summer.
That's all the sharing I have for today. I apologize to my friends for being unable to visit Blogs, but I will try and find some time this week. I always look forward to all your new adventures in art.


  1. Your cat is wonderful and so is the gourd.

  2. Thank you Mary Ann...I try :-)

  3. Love the little kitty! He is just so cute!