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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Busy Days

What kind of silly woman signs up to make 25 ATC's and wraps them? LOL I keep asking myself that question. Obviously 24 other silly women besides me .
I have them all almost done and will be taking pictures, hopefully by this afternoon. Right behind those are 3 with an Asian theme and then another 10, 5 each with different theme , plus charm. Don't even ask.
Those are only the things on my work table, now follow me over to my OTHER work table and you  see a book sculpture, some little books that need "stuff" and another little mini album...Oh but wait!! ( now I sound like a TV commercial huh?) off on another small table in my studio is a tunnel book LOL OMG!! what have I done? I ask myself why I am busy playing in this "Storybook Blog" when I should be finishing stuff up.
I did manage to finish my Banner. I think it was called winter night, or something that had to do with evening.
When I think winter evenings, the color blue comes to mind, so this is what I did.
The fabric is actually called "snowy evening" then I cut out some glittery snow flakes and frame, then found an antique pic of a darling little girl with a furry hat and muff. Added a hanging jewel and some bling and called it done.
I never know with these things if I've done too much or not enough, so I ask myself "would I like getting this as my banner ?" My answer was yes, I'd be delighted. I love sparkle and bling. I try and do that with what ever I mail to someone else. Considering some of the swaps I have gotten (we've all had the experience) I don't think everyone feels the same way. Sometimes it looks like a matter of "Git 'er done". I finally dropped out of those groups and stayed with the ones I feel have "standards" and feel an obligation to do their very best. I'd sooner write to my partner and tell them I will be a little late, then rush something. That being said, I've only had to do that once. I'm usually early with swaps.
So instead of talking about these 25 cards, I guess I should bite the bullet and get them done. They seem to need a little something, so I will ponder that while I vacuum.
Thanks for stopping by!!

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  1. Reading your posts out of order so I see the answer to my question can you take a break is NO! You are amazing with all you accomplish. I hear you about disappointing swaps, I have been in more than a few myself. The worst was a 'primitive' group I used to belong to, I slaved over 25 wonderful crow Christmas ornaments only to receive stuff in return that looked like it had been made by a two year old. That was that! Love our group because everyone cares so much and works so hard to create beautiful art :O)