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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Silly Me

Are there really people who Blog every day? No. I'm not kidding. Are there really people who find the time to BLOG every day? I mean I have a friend with OCD which of course means she is pretty good with time management and even she doesn't have THAT much free time. I think maybe I should give up something...hmm Housework perhaps. Well you don't expect me to give up my animals do you?
Speaking of which; you've all heard about my goats. If not, I have two at the moment Jake, I got as a 2 month old and his brother I got at 4 months old (same Dad different mom).His name is Harley.
Look what I got from my friend Deb at Paxton Valley Folk Art.
The dark one is Jake and the white one is Harley. Are they adorable or what? I live in a " Woodsy environment" so "prims" fit right in. I'm very eclectic in my decor, always have been. I find one style (Modern, contemporary etc.) very boring.Eclectic works for me. Steam punk, shabby chic, prim.. it doesn't matter. It's all blendable.(is that a word?) Don't forget to check Deb out at her etsy shop (same name) Paxton Valley Folk Art.
Meanwhile I have been working on some mini books. None are finished yet but I did find a cool way of keeping them closed so they can be used as pendants.
I have these little mini brads that were perfect. Back string is tied around one and then slipped around the front one. Tada!! I neat closed book you can wear.
I had a Baby Shower to attend. Mommy likes Dinosaur's so that's her theme for this kid. We already know his name , Jaxon...so I got busy making a gift and then picked up some baby clothes and a tough little toy LOL
This is what I came up with

Hey it keeps me off the streets and out of trouble.
So that's pretty much what I have been doing. That and getting ready to knock out my "Christmas in July" ATC's and the swaps I have going in my own group. Which is a mini book pendant and a mini album that is just adorable and perfect as a password book. There is also a Tunnel Book challenge (meaning you get to keep it) and an interesting ATC  swap. You have to make 2 ATC's with hints of you favorite childhood book. Then we will all be guessing the title of the book from the hints. So if you aren't busy, stop by, join the group and join us in our fun. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mixedmediastudio/
Thanks for stopping by!!

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  1. Well, you are not alone in not blogging everyday, think it's been over a week since I made a post LOL! Too much to do, especially with the lovely warm weather finally making an appearance, the pups and I have been roaming the hills enjoying the sun and lack of snow :O) So glad your goats arrived safe and sound and that you like them and thank you for the shout out! Lovely origami books and brilliant closure idea, I am going to have to 'borrow' your idea ;O) Your little stool turned out adorable, that little guy is going to be very lucky to have it. Off to work on our swaps and challenges, I'm so far behind I think I'm ahead and yes, I have a blog post to make too!