A Very Merry Christmas to All

Thursday, April 24, 2014


What a task LOL Actually if I had nothing else to do , I don;'t think 25 ATC's is a big deal. Unfortunately I view task one at a time and see nothing as a big deal, until I start ALL of them LOL

I did manage to finish and wrap all 25
Of course my favorite is "Do you know what this is? Frosty the Snowman's baby picture" that's would be the card to the far left. The little antique Christmas card in the center is cute and sends the message, then I made 3 odd ones, just because that's the way I am. Then they were wrapped, with a snowflake added to each and a number 3 on the back, because that's the day everyone will open mine.
There ya go!! Done!! I have to admit, I had fun finding pictures I wanted to use. Had I had more time of course they would have gotten way out of hand with embellishments. But the task is complete < sigh of relief>
Then I had the 3 Asian cards for my old group. Again I kept it simple. I was wishing for Asian coins which I didn't have or 3 D  symbols which I didn't have. So this is the result and I hope my partner likes them.
My finally task for yesterday was to complete a Challenge on my Mixed Media Studio group. Each month I challenge the girls to make something from a common household item. This month was a Light bulb...any size
but it had to be altered. I used two tiny twinkle light bulbs and this is what I made.
I think he is kind of cute. I just happen to like dragon flies. So that be that...my accomplishments for yesterday. While I didn't get everything done that I would have liked to complete. I did get 3 things out of the way . I will continue to move forward today and hopefully complete the rest of my obligations.
Hope you enjoy what you see and thanks for stopping by.


  1. 25 ATC's, I am in awe, what an accomplishment! I have a heck of a time getting two done each month for our group! Lovely Asian ATC's too and I do love your dragonfly :O) Can you take a break now or do you have a zillion other projects on the go?!

  2. You know me and still you ask that question LOL Silly woman. I think I fear if I slow down I will die, because I keep my plate pretty full. Sort of like you...