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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Getting Better

Have you noticed? I manage to get here more often and I'm also getting stuff done. One of these days I may actually get to some projects I can  keep or sell. You know, something of my own LOL
Actually I did make something I can keep. The challenge was to make a book sculpture. You all saw my hand reaching out of the book. I wanted to light one up so this is the first. I think I can do better so I will make something more elaborate.

as you can see, the light changes colors, clear, blue, pink and yellow. I had it in my bedroom last night with all the lights out and it was really rather pretty to watch. Yes, I do believe I will make more of these.
Also in my group we have a swap of Origami pendant books. They open and have a few pages to write on.
I made up 3, will probably make more because I think they would make adorable  R.A.K.'s to cheer someone up and wouldn't cost a fortune to mail. They are far from perfect i.e. not all pages are exact, but I'm happy with them as a pendant.

Never a dull moment in my studio.

That was all I got finished yesterday. I have to finish a simple tutorial today, then work on some charm ATC's....the idea is to make an ATC then a charm to go with it.
I have some Idea's...Oh what a surprise huh? Thanks for stopping by.

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