A Very Merry Christmas to All

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Busy, Busy

I remember my dad saying " the hurrier I go, the behinder I get". never made much sense until now.
I'm trying to get stuff together for another trip down state. Hopefully the last one. meanwhile swaps and obligations go on.
It finally stopped raining. I thought I'd have to build a ark . At least nature watered the garden for me :-)
the more help I get from nature the more I can play.
I had to fight flooding to get to the PO yesterday but I was happy I made it...Look what I got from Liz in the Spring swap (she got my little iris kids)
She popped out of the box and said "Hi my name is Bessy, whats yours?" friendly little thing. So she made herself right at home with the purple basil. I wish I could find the card Liz used, but Bessy looks like the little girl on the card. There was another treasure in the box as an added surprise. I tried naming her because she seemed so quiet at first, but she is a party girl and was just napping. She didn't like the name I picked and told me her name was Mardi. It does suit her...

She popped up on the TV and there she sits..I wish you could see that darling little mask she is holding.
So along with all the swaps, I also have gifts to make...This one was so much fun and I even have a place to hide a surprise.

To say I'm having fun would be an understatement :-) In case you're wondering where all this free time came from....does the phrase "when the cats away the mouse will play" mean anything to you?
Stay tune...I've been busy LOL


  1. OMG I love this little piece. I admire work that I can't do because it involves sewing...awesome piece. Since I love steampunk the crow...OMG the crow. AWESOME... Such a wonderful talent...and the joy you spread has to delight the receivers.

  2. Thank you Diana, but I'm sure you can do anything I can do..Give a try :-) Appreciate your compliments.

  3. Hi Sweetie,
    Oh the dolls that you received are lovely! I am in love with the little one at the end of your post.
    Wow you are fast that you already made one of them. :)