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Saturday, June 2, 2012

The beauty of Spring

Oh yes. The flowers are popping all over the place and I really should take some pictures because I have some beauties.
If it ever stops raining, I just might do that. We have 5 seasons where I live. Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring and Mud...WE are in mud right now.
Mean while I did manage to put the finishing touches on my Spring challenge. Here is the Post card I fell in love with. I just love Iris.
Isn't it cute? I thought it would be a fun doll project. This is what I ended up with.

Then I have this swap "Fragments of the Past" talk about a wide open door. I was all over the place with this one. First thing was Victorian (Steampunk) It's a sickness I tell you! But then so many others in the group leaned toward Victorian so I went back even farther to Egypt. I have a lot of Egyptian things, I love that period of time. But then I was reading an old 1950'd article and realized how much history took place in those years. The birth of rock and roll, first commercial jet flights, TV shows we all can relate to (unless your 5) So I decided to do my "Fragments" with fragment's from the 50's. I sure hope the person who gets this thing appreciates the amount of time, thought and effort that went into it. I got totally absorbed in it and had so much fun.
When I think of the "50's" I was pretty young so the only thing that really jumps up and smacks me is the Jukebox in the local sweet shop..WOW that thing was so colorful, I loved it, so I replicated it as close as I could. The top isn't finished yet so I will be posting more on this project. But this is the Jukebox.
I'm happy with it and it is much more neon in person. So stay tuned....

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