A Very Merry Christmas to All

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

It is a Day to remember all those who have given their lives to keep us free. I hope everyone takes a few minutes out of their fun filled day to pay homage to these Brave American hero's. While remembering, also remember 9/11 we lost a lot of hero's that day as well.

I finished my daughters BD book/card and she was very surprised and pleased. She loved it!!!
The cover shows the depth of the book. There are 5 levels in all, ending with a mirror. My daughter is know as Winged Thing (a fairy collector). Thus the wing.

The pages start with her smile at birth (she was born with teeth)and it continues

and she shares her smile with others
Then gives her smile to a son of her own.
and he shares it with others,

That's one of my favorite pictures. Please note the candles on the wedding cake. Robyn's wedding had been canceled by the catering hall because of hurricane Gloria. A long story but it turned into a beautiful, memorable day, thanks to the VFW. When the "Hall" sent over a wedding cake, we wanted to throw it at them. A baker had already stepped up and made her a beauty. Instead, Robyn, who could always find a silver lining...stuck some candles in it and turned it into a BD cake for her brother Ron. That smile is who she is, that one especially...
Now let us not forget swaps. Company or no company the show must go on. Things move slower because of this eye, but they do get done. This is another altered tin. The theme was spread your wings and fly.
I decided to make it into a usable tin so no theme is obvious. This is the out side of the tin.
A quartz crystal and a wing adorn the top with hanging charms.

I decided to make some "Quote of the Day " cards that can be removed to use the box.

The butterfly, woman spreading her wings, is on a spring.
I wouldn't mind getting a box like that. Therefore I'm happy to send it along to my partner.
I am working on two other swaps that will hopefully be posted soon...
Please  check out the side bars for places I shop (for patterns and supplies) I've met the most amazing, wonderful artist along the way. A new one is soon to be added...Susie who is an amazing doll artist. You will want to check out her Etsy as well as her Blog...So stay tuned (having trouble adding stuff today)


  1. On a spring, now that's cool :) Love the Butterfly-Woman, wouldn't mind if she would fly to NZ , LOL

  2. Hi Kathie,
    Hope you are doing well.
    I loved the birthday book that you made for your daughter. :)
    The tin is lovely too.
    I uploaded some ribbon flowers that I made on my blog if you would like to see them and please leave a comment.
    Hugs and talk soon