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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Sun finally smiled

It has been cold and gloomy for the past week. Not exactly high energy days, but let me show you one thing I sent on its way. We are doing a RR altered book. There are 6 of  us in this group. This was my third book and the Theme is "Artifacts"...Everyone seems to have a different idea of what an artifact is, so I started with the definition and worked from there. On the left side is the def. plus and envelope containing cards with pictures of Egyptian artifacts.
On the right hand side of the page I created some "artifacts" got a chance to use my new metal paints and I LOVE them,

Everything, other then the jewelry finding, is cardboard or clay...Would you think it? I was real happy with the results.
You may remember those house shaped books we did. I can now show the cover of mine...which is long gone to it's new home.

I used crackle paint on the front cover, Tried to keep it simple because the inside was so busy.

Inside front cover which explained my crazy garden.

This was the back cover which gave the actual name of the flower....lambs ear was pictured as an actual Lamb with pink ears. Milkweed was milk bottles on a stem...You get the picture.
And now to showcase my Happy Mail. The first is my house shaped book from Therese...
She did a beautiful job. Behind the fence begins a saying which is continued on each of the 4 pages. Each page is beautifully decorated.

Finally this is the back...Several friends have already seen it and thought it was lovely.
Then another surprise was the altered altoid tin I got from Patty...full of bling, which is my thing...

Would you believe that is Patty's first altered tin? Yup! I love being the first, especially when it is done so beautifully. She put a great deal of thought and care into it...it's just magical.
So that's what I have for you today. I've finished up several projects this week...the one I have for tomorrow has actually been done a while, but I kept adding to it LOL So stay tuned.

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  1. These are so cute. Just LOVE the garden tags:)