A Very Merry Christmas to All

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Company leaves and company arrives..Oh My!!

Move over Dorothy LOL We were so sad to see John and Ellen leave. they are the BEST visitors you could hope for. They help themselves and time with them is easy. We never seem to run out of conversation or laughter. They are just wonderful to have as friends and as company.
Only a day later my daughter with her family arrived, so I didn't have much time to "miss" company LOL
mean while I got some wonderful Happy mail but just didn't have time to share it. I didn't want to be rude and spend time on the computer...I can , however, be rude when my daughter is here (she sleeps longer).
Wendy http://www.ravenwoodwhimzies.blogspot.com/ had a swap "What's the Buzz", you all saw my bee, but look what she sent me in return:
Is that the cutest Grasshopper you ever saw? So much detail. from his little hat right down to his bluejeans. I LOVE him. Also included in the package was a not pad, some seeds and this handsome fellow;

Thank you so much Wendy, for another wonderful swap experience.
Then over at artforthecreativemind.yahoo.com we had a "Words of Wisdom" atc swap.
Cute huh? And finally at the ATCfamily.yahoo.com we had a tourist book swap. This one caught me totally off guard. I hadn't even written it in my book. I was afraid I'd have to send it back to Melody, so I was glad it was my fault. Brenda is waiting for me to send her one and it's almost done.

8 beautiful pages in all. Although I've visited Kansas, I've never seen these sights, so it was nice to visit through Melody's eyes. You all know how crazy I am over Happy Mail...Even my company got to enjoy my Happy Mail this time.
I'm working on several projects, so stay tuned....

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