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Monday, May 14, 2012

Whats New today?

Well, not that it's new but I haven't posted it here yet. A while ago I signed up for a swap called "Dorothy Where are you? The minute that swap was announced I saw a picture in my mind. We had to alter a book for this swap, which was a first for me..Well, I mean I've altered books before, but not like this.
I had this very old book with a beautiful cover..just had such nice texture I decided not to cover it and just let it be so this is what the cover looks like.
I did add something to tie it shut and a few stones, but basically it looks like this. Now when I hear the name Dorothy, I always think of the Wizard of Oz and since that's the picture that came to my mind, I went with that. So this is the cover page.

Then the next 2 pages:

and the next two pages:
Then the page I saw the minute I heard the swap theme...I knew exactly where Dorothy was....

Do you see those little red slippers and blue socks? The picture I took prior to finishing the details turned out a bit better as far as seeing whats inside

and let us not forget the very last page. In answer to the Good Witches question....

There's a dedication page too, but I'll wait until my partner gets it.
Hope you enjoyed this altered book. I certainly enjoyed making it. In fact it's probably the most fun I've had with a swap in a while. This and the Garden Book...I laughed the whole time I was working on them.
There's more to share...See you tomorrow :-)

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