A Very Merry Christmas to All

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'm baaack!!

I've been away cleaning out a house. Very difficult job for one person but I managed to fill a dumpster pretty much by myself. My girls came to help me on their day off and that was most appreciated. It was hard for me to let go. I've become the keeper of "THINGS". It seems that everything I look at has the potential to be something else, so I save it. Over the years I "saved" a lot of stuff. Then there was the grooming shop, that also needed to be broken down...Lots of pictures, lots of memories.Then there was the class room, that was the hardest. Not only because it contained so much stuff, but because it contained so many happy memories.
Of course I treasure everything I've gotten over the years , little things from friends that mean so much. Like little tiny treasures I packed each one. I will find a place. Some people tell me the memory should be enough, the rest is just "things". Well, those "Things" were made with Love, they were made especially for me by a friend who cared enough to make it. So while they are just "things", they are my special things and deserve to be treasured.
While I was away (I have to return, but needed a break), Life went on. Swaps continued and so did everything else. Animals hooves continued to grow, birds continued to lay eggs and winter coats needed to be removed, so I came home to a great deal of work.
What made it so much fun was coming home to Happy Mail. One of the things, my son actually delivered was from a friend on the other side of the world. I met  Rainer on a group, but when we started talking and sharing idea's we just hit it off like long lost buddies. Unknown to me he was my EGG person, meaning he had to make me an egg for the egg swap. What an unbelievable job he did. Rainer is a man very much into precise detail and I believe it shows in his work. He fashioned the egg from metal (copper and brass) with tiny little rivets. He made a cage and in the cage he hung a robot which he also made with metal, watch parts and wood. I think you'll agree it's very special. He and his Honey also sent me some wonderful surprises.
That's the empty egg. It's a bit bigger then a normal egg. Maybe the size of a duck egg.

How cute is that little robot? His name is Tinhead an endearing term for my friend.

A final picture of little Tinhead out for a breath of fresh air.
There was more mail and more surprises. But if I share them all today the next few days would get pretty boring.
I would, however, like to share a little friend that is part of a swap....You'll have to  come back tomorrow to see the rest...

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