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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Finally The Sun

I thought perhaps it fell from the sky and no one told me. More rain is due, but I had time to plant my flowers and veggies. Late I know, but the weather has been crazy!!
I wanted to share a PC I received from someone in my group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SharingOurMixedMediaArt/ check it out. It's small right now, but that's okay..it's all about sharing...we have quilters, painters, mixed media, journal makers...you name it. It's not a swap group although we plan to have them from time to time. It's just a place to relax and share...I little break from the stress of swapping. Of course I find it stressful because I take it very serious. It is not a "second thought" to me...something I will do if I get around to it. Some times life (especially lately) gets in the way...but the swap is not put aside or forgotten. Why sign up for something if it isn't important to you?
So by planning a swap now and then and giving people tons of time to do it...there is no stress.
So we had a post card swap and Pat Smith made one for me. The theme was to display you art form, technique...so if you paint..paint a card, if you quilt, quilt it, mixed media etc.
I just stole her pic because I wasn't able to take one yet. Hope this works...

Oh pooh! I'll have to take my own later. Anyway she used a dyed fabric and then quilted flowers on it, purple (my favorite) pink and yellow. Then bordered it in hairy yarn for more interest. being a quilter I know the time it took to do this. Then to make it even more special, she sent a little stand to display it on. It's very pretty in person and I have it displayed for all to see.
I have a different partner so mine is headed to LA. I was going to try and get doll making, quilting, mixed media and all the other stuff I do, onto one card. Can you say "messy"? decided to just go with mixed media.
I do hope BJ likes it. So now it's on to finish up some other swaps and make a few gifts.

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