A Very Merry Christmas to All

Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Moment of Thanks

I have some of the most wonderful "on line friends". Don't get me wrong, friends have paid me visits to express their sympathy and relatives have been loving and supporting...I wouldn't trade my friends and family for the world.
On line friends are in a league all their own. They have the anonymity that the Internet affords them. They can watch you from a distance, they don't HAVE to "share" and they certainly don't have to CARE...
I can't tell you how many cards, little gifties, e-cards and calls I have received from on line friends.
All I can say to all of you is Thank you. Thank you for sharing in my loss. Thank you for your support and understanding. You've helped me through a very difficult time. You are all such a blessing in my life. Each of you brings a ray of sunshine in your own special way and I am truly a very lucky lady.
There will always be a special place in my heart, for each critter who has enriched my life with their presence. Like all of you, each had their own special "way" of touching my heart. I am thankful for my capacity to love and always find room for another.
I was feeling a bit blue today and went to visit Judy http://judithannsblog.blogspot.com.au/
I do hope she doesn't mind me sharing but this just hit my funny bone and I laughed out loud.
Thanks Judy, it's been a while since I smiled. That picture is hilarious..
Speaking of smiles, stop by and see my friend Deb http://www.paxtonvalleyfolkart.blogspot.com/
she has some surprises there you may enjoy.
I can't show what I made for my Secret Sister but I can show you what mine made for me.
She obviously checked me out. (Don't you just love when someone actually makes an effort to make something JUST for you) She saw I liked Steam punk and Fairies...so she made me a Steam punk Fairy on a tin filled with candy, including a DARK choc. bar (my favorite)
The back is as pretty as the front. She is just delightful to look at and is now on display in the living room for all to see. I just love it and feel special knowing so much time and effort went into a project just for me.
I've gotten a number of lovely things over the past few weeks and I apologize for not sharing. Life just sort of knocked me for a loop and I haven't spent a great deal of time on the computer. Each day is better then the one before and I will be back to sharing...So stay tuned and thanks again for your love and support and for stopping by. (Now go visit Judy and Deb)


  1. so glad you got a laugh from this silly photo!
    Judy x

  2. We're here girl, no matter when you need us. Love the Christmas tree photo and your steampunk fairy tin is FABULOUS! Hugs to you and yours, Deb