A Very Merry Christmas to All

Monday, December 29, 2014

I wish I had a Fairy Godmother

And that would be why....
I have more projects then I have years left. At the moment I have to live until I'm 130 to complete just whats on the drawing board.
First my good news: You all know about Alphastamps Give aways...well guess who won?
Yup, little old me. I'm not used to winning...doesn't happen very often and to cover up my disappointment I always say "I'm lucky in life" LOL So yes, I won the Hometown Give away which is perfect for me since I loved all the stuff in it. So YAY! Me.
 My friend Norma sent me the cutest little Santa. So much went wrong over this past year that Christmas wasn't the usual "bright star". Normally I have a table arrangement but this year I had nothing. That Santa found a real fast home.
How cute is that? And then we have this years ornament. I always have an ornament for anyone who stops by over the holidays. Again, because this year was such a mess, all the idea's I had fell by the wayside..Only when Ellie came into my life did things start to  shine again and it was too late to do the things I had planned, so this is what I came up with.
A pretty pink cupcake with sparkling frosting and a cherry on top. The ball is frosty pink glass glued into a cupcake paper, frosted with molding paste, sprinkled with bugle beads and silver beads and the cherry is made of red clay and coated in triple thick. Fun, fast and cute, my kind of project.
As you can see Miss Ellie is really growing. She just LOVED Christmas. We got a kick out of her carefully opening her gifts and then playing with THEM instead of the paper. (something all our other dogs did) She continues to add laughter and joy to each day.
Tomorrow I will show you what I made for my Secret Sister now that I know she received it.
Thanks for stopping by.......


  1. Congratulations on your Alpha Stamps win Kathie! I saw the name and wondered if it was you :O) Love your Santa and your cupcake ornie and Ellie is already getting so big! If you happen to find that fairy godmother, send her my way!

  2. woow beautiful creativity,keep sharing more like this.
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