A Very Merry Christmas to All

Saturday, December 13, 2014


You do not realize just how quiet your world is until the being that brought life into your space is no longer there. For me it was intolerable. There were many underlying reasons  but ya know what? Today is a new day and what happened last month, several months ago is in the past and there is no rewind button to life...only forward or stop.
Since I don't plan to stop anytime soon, I had to move forward. Yes there is still a deep sadness, but there is also joy at a new life in our home.
I'd like to introduce you to Mandy. She is a Pound Puppy rescued from Kentucky where the owners of her Mom and Dad were trying to create a "designer" dog..You've heard of the "Cockerlier" , the "Schnoodle", the "JUG" the "Labordoodle". They used to be called Mutts. Heinz 57. But now apparently if you take two pedigree dogs and mix them, you have a "designer" dog. We don't really care what you call her (she started life as a jewel. All her siblings were named for precious stones, she was Sapphire and that wasn't happening) We call her Mandy.
Now in case you're wondering what her "designer" breed is LOL let me introduce you to her Mom and Dad.

Dad is a Great Dane
Mom is an Australian Shepard
So what does that make Mandy? An AussieDane ? She's our Pound Puppy <gasp>and we were delighted that both Mom and Dad and all 9 pups were rescued.
You'll probably hear a lot about Mandy as weeks go by because she really is a pretty smart furbaby. (Dads looks, Moms brains) She is 12 weeks old, she was housebroken in 2 days, sits and speaks on command and we have only has her a very short time. We suspect divine intervention because we couldn't ask for a more perfect fit. I think Rosie and Punkin would have loved her.
Meanwhile I continue to inch toward Christmas. Normally I would have gifts bought and wrapped by Oct. There is not one package wrapped except for those that had to get in the mail.
My kids away, so I'm thinking Gift Cards this year and hopefully the PO will deliver them in a hurry.
While Mandy certainly did bring some smiles into the house, Christmas just won't be the same this year.
Since so many of you shared in my sorrow, I'm hoping now you can share in my joy.
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Wonderful news! Mandy is so beautiful and she sounds like she's getting settled right in to her new home, what a lucky girl. You will still miss and grieve Rosie and Punkin, of course, but I'm quite sure they will be approving of Mandy's arrival.



  2. Aww..Many looks "dandy" ! What a sweetheart!Happy days to you.

  3. Awww, Mandy is a cutie Kathie! It is great she can make you smile again. We sure missed you at Mixed Media!
    Love the Steampunk Fairy. What a great Secret Sister!! :D

  4. Puppy breath, is there any sweeter scent on this earth?! Welcome dear sweet Mandy and thank you for bringing some joy back into my friends life xoxoxo She is adorable Kathie and I'm sure Sadie and Punkin are looking down with great approval. Hugs to you and tummy rubs to Mandy!