A Very Merry Christmas to All

Friday, December 5, 2014


On Dec 1,2014 our beloved Choc. Lab Punkin lost her battle with cancer. I am thankful for her sake that her battle was brief and she did not suffer. I am grateful for the strength it took to love her so very much that I was able to let her go, but not without much sorrow. She left a hole in my heart , but memories that death can not take away. She was an incredible companion .
Each fur baby that has ever touched my life holds a special place in my heart. None have ever been replaced. As long as I remain on this planet, I will always find time to  love another and allow it to touch me in a special way. Punkin will certainly be a hard act to follow.
It is always my desire to bring some happiness to my blog. Either with pictures of newly made items or of things I've received. A video, a tutorial or just a simple saying that may touch someones heart or mind.
But life isn't always party hats and horns. Sometimes there is no sunshine  only rain. It has always been my belief that if not for the rain, we would never know rainbows..IT is with that thought that I thank  my family and friends for their understanding and support during a stormy time in my life.
Rest assured there will be Rainbows in my future and I hope you will all be here to share them.
Thank you for your prayers and well wishes. Thanks for stopping by......


  1. I am so sorry, Kathie. My heart goes out to you sweetie.

  2. Oh Kathie, I'm so sad for you. Sweet dreams, Punkin.


  3. Gosh, I feel so sorry that you've lost such a dear pet. Dogs are such wonderful companions.We only have a cat, but even when our olkd one died I was grief-stricken. Must be so much harder when a dog pal dies. Good on you for knowing when to let your pet go before she suffered too much.
    Thank you for following my blog.I appreciate my readers, and now I know about your blog, I'll be back to visit often.

  4. Words can't express the sorrow I am feeling for you Kathie, wish I could help to ease your pain as you grieve for your sweet Punkin. She and Sadie are now safe on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge waiting patiently for you. Many hugs to you and yours, Deb