A Very Merry Christmas to All

Thursday, December 25, 2014

It's a Wonderful Life!!

Oops! That title is already taken huh?
As most of you know, this year hasn't been the best...but considering all that is happening in our country and around the world, my life is a cake walk. I just wanted you all to know that I know that and never, ever lost sight of how truly lucky I am, in spite of my pity parties.
This year was overwhelming. That's a fact and without the wonderful friends and family that I have, it would have been far more difficult. But each time I got kicked in the gut, you all rallied. You were there with your prayers, your love and support and it meant the world to me.
I am recovering from the Flu that hit me like gang busters. WE wouldn't want this year to cut me any slack before it departs into history forever. Even though I had the flu shot, it still got me and laid me out for 3 days...I had to giggle to myself because to be honest if I read this in one of my favorite books, I'd really think the author over played the stress a wee bit. Truthfully, I started to feel like one of those blow up clowns that you punch, it falls back, hits the ground and bounces back up for more.
Mind you, most people only knew the stuff I felt I had to reveal...there was actually more in between.
While I was down with the flu and feeling a wee bit sorry for myself because I basically had called off Christmas....My thoughts ran deep and all I truly wanted was Happiness and good health for all those I care about. A peaceful and Happy New Year would be such a wonderful gift for all...Enter Richard with a small envelope. I didn't recognize the return address. I opened it and found a small jewelry box, inside I found a necklace. This necklace...
I held it in my hand and began to weep, not out of sadness but because of the overwhelming feeling of love and selflessness on the part of the person who sent it.
The large tag reads: Always by my side with 2 little paw prints. The two hearts contain the names of the two dogs I lost recently. There was no card , no hint of who sent this beautiful, thoughtful gift.
I realized at that moment, this holiday had nothing to do with presents and all too do with Love, compassion and understanding.
Beautiful is the heart that would think only of the joy her gift would bring to one she calls friend.
A word that she obviously not only believes in, but acts upon....No thank you expected, no agenda, other then to say "I understand my friend and my heart is with you"...
How very selfish I felt. Who the hell was I to cancel Christmas. What right did I have to be so sad. How many people are blessed with the love that has been shown to me by all of you.Especially one very special lady.
I hope that you all had a Very Merry Christmas. If I could give you all a gift it would be a new year filled with all the blessings just knowing you has brought into my life. A year filled with Love, good health and wonderful friends and family.
If I make any attempt to throw even a small pity party this coming year, I want you to kick me in the keester...and that's an order. We have some great plans for the coming year and we intend to keep our Merry little group very busy and hopefully as happy.
So thank you...Friends...Family  and followers for all the love and support you've shown me this year.
BIG HUGS to all of you!!!!

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  1. This small gift of love and support Kathie has come to you because you so generously give it to others my friend. As the saying goes, what goes around, comes around, and you are always first in line to give love and support to your online friends whenever they need it and ask nothing in return. We all wish for you a New Year filled with much love and joy and good health for you do indeed deserve it. Merry Christmas my friend and here is to a New Year filled with goodness and light!