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Thursday, August 7, 2014

And More Busy

It is difficult to get things done sometimes with company. I'm lucky my family (company) knows I have a screw loose so they just let me play. of course we had to make our trip for school shopping and craft stores, but I did manage to finish a few things.
First that sad little red bird you saw.
Her name is Scarlett (with 2 t's) and she is just eager to make people smile.
Next I did manage to finish up my Banner. The theme was fancy pinwheels. You can't really tell, but trust me, this thing sparkles..
Also Krista (the DGD that painted my Minions on my nails) gave me some video making lessons so after I get done making some tutorials for my groups Mystery Challenge..I plan to make a few for here as well. Hopefully I will improve as time passes.
Of course at G-Ma's (that's what she calls me) farm we teach a reverence for life, no matter what it is, if it abides here, it dies from old age.
yes that would be a snake in her hands. I don't use gloves, but I'd prefer kids do. Nothing up sets me more then to here someone brag how they chopped a snake up with a shovel...just because it was there.
They are not aggressive at all (although a few are). leave them alone, they leave you alone...they also eat frogs, worms and  mice. They are all part of the population control. It's best not to mess with Mom nature while visiting me.
There is always more to come so stay tuned and thanks for so topping by.

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  1. Well Scarlett is too adorable for words and she does indeed make me smile :O) Your newest banner looks amazing and how wonderful you are passing on your appreciation for all of God's creatures to your DGD. I love all critters, including our friends the snakes. We have the same rule here, if any critter decides to come settle on our little plot of dirt, they are welcomed and safe from all harm. Can't wait to see what's next, I'll be back!