A Very Merry Christmas to All

Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Witch is IN

LOL I've been playing spooky music while working on a Mystery Challenge . The spooky tree at least is done as far as the tree. Of course as I go along it will become more and more spooky, but for now I need to move on.
The TP rolls have been sent. I wanted to do so much more and make them so different then I did, but I did what time allowed and I'm looking forward to making my mini album from all the girls.
I just added some  ink to the edges and a colored ribbon to finish them off. I already received one and wish I knew how my friend Deb got hers so flat. I think I failed TP roll 101.
The biggest excitement was what I saw from my window. The doe's had been down eating, then the one fawn....suddenly when I looked back out, this is what I saw......
The first buck we've seen in a long while. Out deer population has gone down considerably. That's usually what happens when no babies are born for a while. It takes two and without a buck...well you know about the birds and bees. So I was real happy to see this guy, now I'm hoping he either stays close like the surviving Doe's do or at least does his business before he heads off into high country or gets shot. Maybe  this Spring we will see a few more fawns. One can only hope...Thanks for stopping in....

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  1. Well your tree is looking decidedly spooky and love your TP roll Kathie, the decorative top on your tag is lovely! No secret to my flat rolls other than squishing them and then leaving them under a very heavy book for weeks on end! Hope you get more fawns next year with Mr. Buck in the neighbourhood, haven't seen any bucks around here yet this year and only two fawns so far.