A Very Merry Christmas to All

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sad Day on Misty MOuntain

We knew the day was coming and we knew it was close, but you are never prepared to say good-bye to a friend. Especially a friend as gentle, caring and loving as this one.
I'll miss you Rosie. I'll miss everything about you, mostly your companionship. Gone much too soon, but I am thankful for the 12 wonderful years you shared your life with us. I know you'll be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge, until then, sleep with the Angels and Rest in Peace.


  1. Just popped over to look ay your Frida inspired artwork - and read this sad post first. My heart goes out to you. Saying goodbye to such a dear friend is so hard. My old girl (also called Rosie) passed away a couple of months ago and I miss her dearly. Sending hugs to you at this sad time xxx

  2. Kathie, I am so very, very sorry. Our pups are so very dear to us, they give us love unconditionally and are our constant companions who are always willing to lend us an ear or a paw when we need it. I wish I could ease the pain you are feeling now but I truly do believe that you will meet sweet Rosie again on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. Sending you and yours all my love and hugs of condolence, Deb xoxo