A Very Merry Christmas to All

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Half Done and Done!!

This place just gets more and more spooky by the day.Not only does my pond still glow at night but my computer made a weird noise and now is stone silent, as in NO NOISE. Needless to say I have paid short visits because I'm hoping the fan didn't stop working. I haven't had time to take it apart but I plan on it today. So either you will never see me again (y'all should be so lucky) or you'll see me on a new computer (or an old one with a new fan if I fix it).
Meanwhile I continue to tackle my never ending studio clean up. I so want bragging rights like so many others have. They take you for a trip in their studio and everything is neat as a pin (personally I think that's a sign of a sick mind). If I offend you GOOD...now go do something to mess up your studio. Have no fear, it will never look like mine. If there was an award for "Hoarders Studio", I'd win hands down. But that's all changing<crossed fingers>. Then there is the company to consider, but I did manage a few things. The cuff is done and going in the mail.

The base is part of a waistband from old jeans. I recycle every part of old jeans. Black lace overlay added a nice dark touch, then some hand made ribbon, some beads and gears and that watch face you saw in an earlier post. It's my taste, hope my partner likes it.
To go along with my never ending studio clean up, I have my never ending TP roll swap. I did a bit more on them and hope to finish up today. I had soooo many ideas, but just ran out of time.
I wanted to add embellishments, me being Queen of Bling and all, but it is a page, not a cover so bulk is limited to "flat". I'm loving the lace top tags, which I cut from folders.Now to finish them and get them in the mail.
It's pouring rain outside so other then that blue glow, I haven't checked my pond for more weirdness.
I have to finish up a tutorial today, plus aforementioned TP rolls...and then there's that darned studio UGH!!
Come on back ya hear? Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Your cuff bracelet turned out really nice! I also like the TP Pages with the lace tops. I should have made my life easier and made all of mine the same too (like you did) but didn't. :(

  2. LOL I'm learning to pic my battles. I needed to keep it simple. had so many idea's and perhaps if I did 2 at a time they would be different. Had to get them done. Hope you like yours. :-)