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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Glow pond strikes again!!

Y'all remember that strange blue glow up at the pond and that weird skeleton? Well we saw the glow again last night and this morning, when I went to meditate, this is what I found.
What the heck? In looking closely this one appears to be more mermaid like then the first one. Certainly prettier. Her skull is almost human and the bones of her flipper fins seem almost hand like, which is what I would imagine they would look like. Poor little thing. I'm wondering, is my pond a place were strange things come to die? Creepy you say? Not at all. I'm sort of amazed by the entire experience. Actually I've seen strange movement in the pond, but they are just so fast ..<sigh>
So back to the swaps. I finished another one. AFTCM is also doing a cuff bracelet. In Mixedmediastudio we had some strict rules and I am happy to say ALL the cuffs were gorgeous and well made. In this swap we were told to make a cuff and to embellish. My idea of a cuff is one that is sewn from fabric or leather. However I have also seen some beautiful braided ones and one's made from metal. I was going to make one a bit different, but decided to stick with what comes to mind when I think cuff.
I've since added more beads and there is a great deal of sparkle that doesn't show in the picture. I like it, I'd wear it and when I tried it on it was comfortable. Every bit is sewn on so I have no problem with it being knocked around.
I made it adjustable so no matter what size the wrist, it will work. At first I was worried that it was too over the top, but folks that have seen it, love the focus element and agree that it looks WAY better in person.
Today I have to make some skulls and a Banner...but I really want to make a video for my Mystery Challenge....Seems there are never enough hours in a day for me...Thanks for stopping .....

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  1. The spookyness continues in your magical pond Kathie, perhaps your pond is like the mythical valley where elephants go to die .. maybe your pond is where mermaids come to die when their days on this earth are done? Hmmm, we may never know but if that is true what a magical place you live in! Your cuff looks beautiful Kathie and knowing you, it is absolutely spectacular in person. Your swap partner will be very lucky indeed :O) Happy skull and banner making and looking forward to the next Mystery Challenge video, bwa-ha-ha-ha!