A Very Merry Christmas to All

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The wheels of progress

Turn ever so slowly. Especially when you are packing and trying to do a million things at once. My art projects always help to distract me a bit. This week is sad enough and now I have to go to Long Island to see what my tenants left behind and get  my house sold. <sigh> I really love that old house. She has lots of personality and charm, but I will never move back there so why put up with the kind of people I have been getting for tenants.
I did manage to find some little hinges I'm sizing up for the fairy door and a lock. It will have to wait until I get back for it's very fairy frame and some flowers and trim. IN my mind it's lovely, hope it looks the same when done LOL
The hinges aren't  on yet, but you get the idea. I'm thinking paua shells instead of stone for the frame...Only because they are so colorful and fairy  like. I think if I were a fairy I would use them to highlight my door and make it special. I'll lay them out and see how they look. I always have stones for option 2.
The mystery challenge came to a stand still, but will continue when I get home. Some times life just goes that way. meanwhile I've gotten a lot of nice things said about my Frida  challenge. I've changed my profile so if you have had a problem posting, please try now.
See you soon.....

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  1. Looking good Kathie and I know whatever you decide to embellish the frame with will be magical and fit for a fairy! Safe travels to get the house in order and hope it sells soon so you have one less thing to worry about.