A Very Merry Christmas to All

Monday, September 22, 2014

Like the sands of time.....

These are the days of our lives....Yesterday while checking something in the plow truck, something got stuck and away Rich flew..taking off a chunk of the barn and plowing through the electric fence, finally coming to rest  in the middle of the pasture.
The angels were with the goats (as well as with Rich and my son) because where he took down the fence is where the goats usually lay in the sun. (which is about where your sitting right now to view this picture). So now I have to wait until Wed. before the goats can go out and play :-(

Raeven has this swap going on. Last year she created a village with houses for each person in the swap. This year she is creating a little village of stores. Sounded cute. Originally I was going to make 6 different stores, but I decided to go with "SAME" simple because my mind is shot and simple is better for me right now.
I thought they turned out kind of cute. You know my rule of thumb.Send only those swaps that you'd like to get if you were on the receiving end.
I don't think pictures ever do things justice and this is no exception. The snow sparkles (you can't see that) The sign , the wreath and shopping cart all pop out at you (can't see that) and the wreath is all glittery and the tree has  3D ornaments (None of which you can see) The shop I had to create was a Christmas Tree Shop and that's what I did. I cut out the windows, then found some  pictures I thought would work. The trees with tags were perfect for a retail shop and the single tree was perfect for decorating. Then that little shopping cart full of gifts seemed to go with the theme. I put the pic's in the windows and then backed it with card stock for extra support.The wreath was the final little touch to make it Christmas.
Next on the list is finishing up my fan (for a friendship fan swap) and my zipper thingy for this months "I DARE YOU" So thanks for stopping by and come back real soon.

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  1. Kathie sweetie,
    Wow, I read about what happened to Rich and your Son. Yes, the Angels were really with them, that nothing happened! Happy too that the goats didn't get hurt. More work for all of you putting up the fence again but I know you the goats will be grateful. :)
    Are those ATC'S you made for Raeven's swap? Very nice.