A Very Merry Christmas to All

Friday, September 5, 2014

Three Swaps Ready To Travel

Oh I love it when things get finished on time. Hopefully tomorrow they will be out the door.
For my ATC group we had Tea Bag folds.
I love the silver  tape and the bling. I think it gives them some life.
In my Art For the Creative Mind we had a stained glass 4X4. Unfortunately  I am a stained glass artist and every technique I saw, didn't excite me. Stained glass has a certain look. Just couldn't climb out of the box on this one. So I finished the one you saw with some copper trim and I like it. Hopefully my partner will.
Then for my own group. One of the swaps is a Fairy Door. As you saw, I painted it red and then washed it in black. I secured the hinge and lock I found. For the trim around the door I used thin slices of slate (native to here) and thing sliced Paua shell native to NZ and very "fairy"...Gave it a crystal vine on each side and I think I will change the ribbon from purple to iridescent white. I wanted it to open like a  card so it could be displayed that way. When you open the door, you walk over the bridge to the castle in the sky. Of course it will help if you are a fairy.

Wouldn't you just love to be a fairy? I sure would.
So now it is one to completing the Mystery Challenge. This months I Dare You item is a zipper.
I also have to finish my cuff bracelet for AFTCM I'm not fond of hand sewing, but I refuse to glue anything someone will wear...Just too much stress on a bracelet for glue. So check back for more finished projects. Hope you like these.


  1. Wonderful tea bag ATC's and your stained glass 4 x 4 is lovely Kathie, the copper trim really sets it off. Your fairy door is magical! Love it and love the image inside, who wouldn't want to be a fairy if you got to travel through a beautiful door like that?!