A Very Merry Christmas to All

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Time Management

That what I could use a lesson in. Some people think I get a lot accomplished in a day...I don't :-(
I am soooo looking forward to this House for Sale drama to be over. Although considering the past, something else will just come along to take it's place LOL
I had this Large Button  Pendant swap. Wasn't sure if that meant to make a large pendant with a button or to use a large button and make a pendant. Heaven forbid I should ask. So this is what I did.
First I cut around the label of a R-CD (big circle and small circle) Then I put a layer of black clay, about 1/8" thick over the label and kept rubbing it with my fingers to make sure it formed a really good bond. (lightly lifting the clay now and then tells you if the label has let go)
you end up with really cool , silvery looking clay (see right side). I covered some sample tags with black clay, then cut stems and leaves from the silver and pushed it into the black pendant. Then baked it in the over 275 degrees for 15 min.
After they cooled I added big buttons as "flowers" with Austrian crystals in the center for some sparkle.
The flat black looked a bit drab
so I coated them with purple glitter nail polish for some shine , as a sealer and to add sparkle.
Pictures never tell the whole story. They are prettier in person.
In Mixedmediastudio we are having a fan blade swap. Each person will make a fan blade and then swap each month with a different partner until they have a beautiful Friendship Fan. I usually lean toward a Steam Punk theme, but this blade just seemed to want to go Victorian/Shabby Chic.
It will be off to my partner on Monday. Still working on my Mystery Challenge (I'm sure some of them have gone ahead and that's okay...I love to see the difference in a project that starts out looking the same. That's all for today folks, stop by again real soon.


  1. Hey whoa there pardner! What's this black clay/cd technique thing you mentioned, like it's something we all know about??!! What is this black clay you used? Does it have to be black or did you use black to get the best definition? I am fascinated; it achieves a great effect.

    The Friendship Fan is a lovely idea and I'm sure your contribution will be gratefully received.

    ps apologies for not replying to your email, I've been chasing my tail all week!

  2. Seems we both have tails this week...absolute craziness. The clay is sculpty and yes I did use black because I liked the contrast. Will send more info in e-mail.