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Friday, September 19, 2014

The best and worst time of year

I love  FALL. It has always been my favorite. I love the smells of Fall, the pumpkins in the fields, winter squash, the quilt of many colors that Mother Nature spread over the mountains, I just love it.

What I don't love is the sounds of gunshots . This time of year brings the week-end hunters. Those with no respect for boundaries. The trophy hunters. I make that distinction because the people who live here feed their families with what nature provides. They hunt for a reason and with respect for the animal that provides them with food. Because we do not hunt our land is somewhat of a sanctuary for the animals that call the Catskills their home.
Each year our resident doe provides us with twins. We call her Nellie, two years ago she had buck babies. It is rare you will see two bucks together, but the twins have lived here for so long they don't seem to want to leave here or each other.
Jesse is in the foreground and Jordyn in the background. My fear now, because they stay so close to each other is that they will be shot together. Aren't they beautiful?
Daisy, another resident who seldom leaves and has been here for 8 years, has decided that this year, tomatoes are her favorite food.
I was wondering where my tomatoes were going. That black you see is the grill on my deck, that's how close she is.
Did she actually stick her tongue out at me??
Sorry , no crafts today. I was too busy making videos and watching deer. Perhaps tomorrow...
Thank you all for the Congrats on my win. I'm so excited. Joanna I will write soon.
Visit again soon.....

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  1. How wonderful to have these sweet deer visit your home. I loathe the 'hunting-for-the-sake-of-it' mentality and don't enjoy hearing the pheasant shoots that happen on the land near us. There is simply no need for it and I don't understand how people take pleasure from ending a life.

    Unusually, it's still very summer-like here - although the forecast promises us Autumnal weather next week. I'm quite looking forward to it :)