A Very Merry Christmas to All

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Busy, Busy

But who isn't these days. I managed to finish the last of the banners. The theme for this last one was Vintage Christmas..I wanted to get back to the "white" theme and LOTS of glitter was mentioned, unfortunately the glitter doesn't show AT ALL so use your imagination.
Everything glitters and the scene is Father Christmas with all white animals, polar bear, wolf, raccoon , owl, fox..love the picture.
My mystery challenge is finished. Well it will never truly be finished because I have many things in my brain to add to it but, it's mostly done.
considering the tree started out as wire and clay and the castle started out as a pringles can and breadcrumbs can...It's come a long way. Look at what that nasty little spider did to my tree.
The I Dare You this month was a Button..one or several , the gals had to make having buttons.
If I could steal the pic's I'd post here...what adorable stuff .
I also challenged the girls to make a "Gift of the Week" figuring it would help with Holiday gift making. So I combined the two to give the gals an example of this weeks "thinking of You " gift.
A pin made of vintage buttons and findings, to wear on a coat , hat or blouse.
Then I made a simple Christmas card. Things don't have to be complicated to let someone know you think of them during the holidays.
So the person gets a card and a small token gift. Hopefully some of them will take me up on the challenge and make a gift card by next Saturday...maybe more then one.
We also had a Spooky tin swap..Oh I had fun with this one...
Long ago , before time, many different kinds of Fairies could be found in forest and caves. The Witch fairies were very scary indeed. They were like the doctors of the Fairy world mixing up their potions to cure the sick and injured, but.....If you crossed them they would mix up a different kind of potion and they were known for their Spells.They kept there most dangerous potions well hidden. They kept them in metal boxes protected by little demon fairies and spiders. To really make others take a step back they used the bones of dead fairies to guard the box. Each skeleton contained a magic jewel , no one would dare to remove the jewel for fear of what would happen to them. So if you are lucky enough to find one of these rare potion boxes, the jewel is usually still there. I found such a box, here on the Misty Magic Mountain....
If you look close you can see the jewel within the rib cage of this poor unfortunate fairy.
Inside one will find Devils fog, bone powder,fairy dust, mermaid scales, moonbeams and magic. The spell book also opens. When the Spell book is removed, you can see the demon fairy that guards the contents...Dabble if you dare mwahahahahaha

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  1. Fabulous Kathie! Your banner is beautiful (love that image!) and your Mystery Challenge is looking very haunted! Your button pin is so pretty and your altered spooky tin is very spooky indeed! Wonderful projects as always :O)