A Very Merry Christmas to All

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Daily Thought

It's funny how things just pop into my head. I was checking mail and a friend mentioned a problem. Immediately I thought "calm seas never made a  skilled sailor". She wrote back that sometimes the simplest statement can speak volumes.
The truth is I am a collector of words. I love words. I love quotes. Over the years I have collected thousands and that's no exaggeration .
Someone once told me I should make up a book of quotes. Oh there's an original idea...NOT!!!
But the truth is, what good are they if they are not shared? What one person may find meaningless, another may find some solace. I find them a way of expressing my moods...
I decided to share  my collection of thoughts, quotes and saying...some are my own while others are the words of famous people, but all have a special , deep meaning. Okay, maybe not all, some may just be funny or down right sarcastic  but for sure someone will get walk away with something.
So regardless of what I may include in my daily BLOG, I will always share a thought for you to ponder. I decided that sharing my quotes is a good way to be sure I show up here each day.
I need some consistency in my life LOL
I still have some things I'm working on and really nothing to show you today. So why don't I just leave you with this until tomorrow.

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  1. Profound words indeed Kathie, thanks for sharing your collection with us - words can heal.