A Very Merry Christmas to All

Friday, October 31, 2014

Busy Days

Isn't thata cool saying? And oh so true.
I managed to finish up my Halloween shoe. Had a malfunction along the way but salvaged it. It actually looks great in person, but glitter makes everything look good. Don't you agree? LOL

I'm just happy I got it done in time for Halloween. I also wanted to make a "Winter Frost" doll out of a gourd. One reason was to show my girls in the group that dolls can be made from anything with little or no sewing. Also the people who supply me with pumpkins for my deer, and squash for my table also sell the gourds I use for decoration and then dry them. I wanted to make "Mr. Jingles" for them to display with their gourds. Some people just use them for display and then throw them out...what a waste.
He's one happy little gourd. I'm sure he thought life was over last year once Fall turned to winter.
We also have a Blade exchange going on as you know. I wanted to do something of a Steam punk style so this is what I made for Oct.
I wonder if I should have used black lace? The lace is ecru, but I'm thinking I should have done it more "Vintage" <sigh>
So that's what I've been doing. Now I'm working on my What Do You See Project and my pin keep for Carolyn. So thanks for stopping by...Tomorrow I hope to have a little fun tutorial so stay tuned and have a Happy Halloween.


  1. Wise woman. I'm going to have to look into the fan, at first I was thinking actual fan blade! D'OH!! Your steampunk is a great piece, love the look of steampunk, wish I had the hutzpah to wear some of the fashions!


  2. LOL Me too..I love steam punk. Please give the fan blade a try. They are fun and work up fast. Easy mail too...

  3. Eleanor was a very astute lady, wasn't she? That quote is oh so true. Love Mr. Jingles and your fan blade is to die for, it's beautiful Kathie.