A Very Merry Christmas to All

Sunday, October 26, 2014

How Fast time goes by

Seems like yesterday I was here. Life just has a way of flying by and not telling me.
Like all people, I get wrapped up in the drama that seems to be my life lately, but I still manage to get a few things done.
One of the challenges in my group https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/mixedmediastudio/info is a doll. I set this challenge up each month so that my doll makers would participate. However, the none "doll makers" seem to pass up this challenge, claiming they are NOT doll makers. IN an effort to change their minds I made a doll that anyone could make. I have a friend who loves coffee creamer and collects snowmen so it's perfect.
Not trying to hide what it's made from. Just trying to show people that you can make a doll from something other than fabric.
It can also fit into the Gift of the week category although I had another idea. A birch branch or any branch is free and readily available, so why not drill a hole, maybe decorate the bottom with holiday twigs and berries, add a candle and there ya go.
We also have a ATC swap. You take a magazine, cut strips and the glue them either in a pattern or up and down...whatever...This is what I did.
Something different huh?
I usually never have my camera ready when swaps come in and I should. I like sharing what I get.
You remember we had a spooky tin swap and also spooky movie ATC swap (I show pic's of what I did) This is what I received. The tin is from Beth (I love it) and the fabulous ATC's are from Norma...she also sent me that sweet Post card.

So that's all for now folks. I'm working on a What do You See challenge...An I Dare You Challenge and a pin keep swap and also another fan blade...Life just keeps happening...Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Your Winter Frost snowman is adorable Kathie, love those eyes! Great idea for the birch branch and was that what we were supposed to do for the magazine cutting ATC's?! Yikes, I thought it was just cutting bits and bobs from a magazine and making a collage, back to the drawing board for me! Beth's spooky altered tin is genius, what a great idea Love Norma's wolfman ATC's too, very scary! Hope life settles down for you soon but it's easy to see that whatever comes your way, you keep on creating!