A Very Merry Christmas to All

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Rain, Rain Go away

And I try A LOT!!!! I prefer to see my mistakes as happy accidents. I usually learn something from them. (my quote for the day)
So while I am still working on several different things. I remembered that we are having an ornament exchange in my group (there's a Mixed media Button you can hit if you'd like to join us)
The cost of mailing can be a real burden, especially if you belong to more then one group like most of us do. For that reason  I told the girls to think of Flat, light weight , easy to mail ornaments, that are still "pretty" and well made. Here's a few idea's

There isn't one of these that I wouldn't love to hang on my tree. Of course  I'd have to add some twinkle along the way (beads or sequins or glitter) because that's who I am and what I do. But there are so many flat kind of ornaments. I should hope EVERYONE would join in this swap.
I really look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.
I will have to see about posting pictures of the Mystery Challenge (which a few actually finished) as well as the  Shoe Challenge.

Thanks for stopping by and if you don't already belong to the MixMedia Studio on Yahoo...hit that button and join us,


  1. These are some fabulous ideas ;) I love 'em all!

  2. Ha! If mistakes are proof that you are trying, then I've been trying a whole lot lately LOL! But it's very true, you learn much more from your mistakes than you do from your successes. Great ornie ideas, LOVE the partridges and pears!