A Very Merry Christmas to All

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Think about that quote!
Yesterday was a finish up day. I finished my What Do You See project but can't show you just yet. It didn't turn out as I had hoped. Well, it didn't turn out as I saw it in my mind, but it's an original, that's for sure and it was fun....I think LOL

I also put the final touches on my pin keep and in doing so ruined it. Oh don't cry, I actually think the second one turned out sweeter. I can't show you that just yet either because it is going to  a partner and I'd like her to be surprised. It did, however , take up most of my day and evening so I had no time to work on a video (another story). But in between I did have time to make a flat ornament using a new technique.
Not sure if you have ever used SILKS. It's a paint (Google it) When you heat it, it bubbles and gives a unique texture to a piece. As always the pictures do not do justice to the look. The Austrian crystals really twinkle and there are stars of all sizes . The paint itself has a shimmer. If you are going to purchase SILKS, look for the started kit. That way you get lots of colors to play with and they go a long way. Actually I liked the look of the puzzle pieces as they were and I will probably make more. I had to use Gesso because the pieces were so shiny, then Evergreen because the gesso was to dark and then finally the SILK. More work then I bargained for but if you make several it would be worth it.
I will get to work on that video today...It's one of those quick and easy gifts to make that I thought I would share, so come back soon. Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Provocative quote today, I think perhaps you like it because you are a bonfire yourself, I've never seen a person with such boundless energy and creativity! Your puzzle piece wreath is so cute, never seen (or heard!) of Silk paints, apparently I need to get out more often!! Thanks for the tut :O)