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Friday, November 7, 2014

The House Saga continues

I truly would love to know where some people get their nerve. They sign contracts and then pay no attention to them. Then you have an attorney telling you your hands are tired. I don't get it? Why make laws if they can't be enforced? Why have contracts if they are meaningless? This house situation has gone back and forth since June. Took almost 2 months to get this guy into contract...one which obviously didn't matter anyway. Here we are in the first week of Nov. and nothing has happened with a deal that was supposed to close by the end of Oct.  and that is my rant for the day LOL
My collections of Quotes, at times, helps me through a day. I love this one.
I wish I could share all I have been doing. Unfortunately I have been working on gifts  and I am not sure who checks this Blog. So until they are mailed out and received. I can't show you.
I can show you a puzzle piece. remember I challenged my group to make something from a puzzle piece. I made that wreath out of several. I made this out of one.
Silly huh? Actually I would put a pin on the back of that and wear it. Guess that makes me silly too.
That's all I have to share today, but I continue to work on things each day, so stay tuned.
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  1. Sorry to read about your troubles. Not what you need at this time.
    A side note:
    I emailed Wendy about the swap delays, all is hunky dory.