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Sunday, November 9, 2014

It just keeps getting Better

Ain't that the truth!!!
Okay , so I'm in the shower this morning. Scrubbing myself with a wash clothe and my finger tip hits something on the back of my arm. Since I don't wear glasses in the shower I had to feel...it felt weird and had a bit of a sting to it. I scrubbed and scrubbed but it wouldn't come off....
Rewind to a week ago when Rich said "OH whats that on your arm?"..".Well what does it look like?"
I ask... "a skin tag perhaps, or maybe a scab"...I'm trying to reach it and he tells me "leave it, if it's a scab it will fall off".. Never gave it another thought...until now...
Can you hear the spooky music in the background? Are you starting to feel creepy crawlies?
When I got out of the shower and put my glass on, it became real obvious to me, after spending many years with many dogs, that I was looking at a tick. Not just any tick. The brown dog tick usually feeds, gets so heavy  and big that it falls off you....a deer tick however, is a tiny little thing and hangs in there forever. It is a nasty little sucker (pun intended) and carries disease....like LYMES.
So Rich got a rude awakening and a real fast lesson on how to properly remove a tick..Which he did rather well.
Meet Mr. Tick. he is in one of those tiny little bottles we make charms out of (about 1/2 inch tall)
I'm not showing this to you to give you the creeps, but rather to teach you. This tiny little critter can cause a lot of damage. I have lived here for 13 years and I've never taken a tick off any of my animals , children or grand children...It happens. If you should ever have an encounter with one of these little buggers, use a pointed tweezers, get as close to the head as you can and pull slowly, straight out. If you don't have a tweezers make a noose out of dental floss (would I kid about something like this?)
put the noose around the head of the tick and pull, steady, straight out (don't yank on it)
What ever you do, do NOT coat this tick with oil, nail polish or liquid soap...If you do and it regurgitates into your skin , you will have a serious problem.
I already have a bulls eye rash which is the first sign of Lymes, so off to the doc I go tomorrow to start antibiotic's.
I will be sending out my Pin keep to my partner so I will post a pic soon. For today I thought it would just be fun to share my new little friend...Aren't you happy you stopped by? LOL
Come again real soon.....

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  1. Oh Jeez Kathie, if it rains it pours!! Ticks are rampant around here as well and I've removed many of the suckers from the dogs but never had one latch on to me (that I'm aware of anyway). Hope that the rash is NOT Lyme and that your doc gets you on antibiotics right away. Sending healing energy my friend, Deb