A Very Merry Christmas to All

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Gift of the Week

Over at our Mixed Media Studio we are doing a gift of the week, idea thingy. I came up with the idea figuring that if people made samples of quick and easy little gifts, they would also be getting some "thinking of you" gifts out of the way, long before the holiday rush.

While there is nothing new about mug rugs and this pattern has been around for some time. There is always someone who either hasn't seen it or forgotten they saw it. I LOVE mug rugs. I always have a coffee or a glass of ice water where ever I'm sitting and I don't like rings on my furniture. These little darlings are real quick and easy to make, very absorbent and washable. They make wonderful little hostess gifts if you're invited to a dinner party, a cute wishing well gift at a shower or house warming...Lots of reasons to give one or a whole stack of them. Hope you enjoy the video


  1. Well how cute are those! I must be living under a rock because I've never seen those before Kathie, thanks so much for the tutorial. I can see many mug rugs being stuffed into many stockings this Christmas :O)

  2. These are fantastic! I've never seen this technique before either, Deb & I must be under the same rock ;)
    Thank you once again for the tute.